Man In Fight Video Dispenses Wisdom

(PG-13) Fight videos go viral on the internet all the time, but one is gaining popularity for all of the right reasons.

A video, posted on Facebook on Monday, shows two teens in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in a street fight while about 11 other teens stand around instigating or recording on their phones. A man approached the group and used the moment to teach them a lesson.

“Everybody with your phones out, all y’all, y’all the real cowards. Record that, too,” the unidentified man said to the onlookers in the four-minute video below. He then began to mediate the confrontation, telling the two feuding teens that their beef stemmed from “ill-advised” information.

“Y’all almost men. Y’all ain’t kids no more. Y’all girls ain’t little girls no more ... Start acting like it, yo,” he told all of the teens. “We ain’t gon’ get nowhere like this, yo. Y’all gon’ wind up like the n***as y’all don’t wanna be like, yo.”

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