NFL May Drop “Excessive Celebration” Fines, But Keep The Flags

There’s word that the NFL might be considering a tweak in how they handle the whole “excessive celebration” thing. Yeah, they want to avoid the who Terrell Owens/Chad Ochocinco thing that, in their view, becomes a distraction from the game and could be viewed as bad sportsmanship. On the other hand, the over-the-top enforcement, penalties, and fines that result make the league appear more stodgy and crabby-ass then they want to appear.

Apparently, the NFL is considering doing away from the fines for these infractions. That way they can get rid of the image that they’re “picking the pockets” of the players when they’re just trying to have a little fun. However, the penalties would stay, and would result in moving the ensuing kickoffs back to the 20-yard line, rather than the 35.

Doing that would put the onus on the teams, rather than the league. The coaches would be more likely to push for more on-the-field discipline because it could have impact upon the game as it’s being played. Feeling the wrath of the coach in these instances might have more of an impact than getting a fine that looks like a parking to ticket to some of these people, and the ensuing bad press for the league for being overly conservative.

Source: NBC Sports

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