Theo Epstein Dubbed “Greatest Leader”

“Fortune Magazine” has put out their list of the “50 Greatest Leaders,” and not terribly shocking: Theo Epstein, the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs, topped the list. That’s ahead of the founder of Alibaba, the Pope, Melinda Gates, and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

Why Epstein? He oversaw the ending of the 86-year championship drought of the Boston Red Sox back in 2004. Then, somehow, he was able to make the magic happen again by helming the Chicago Cubs to winning their first championship in 108 years last season. Epstein responded to the recognition in a text to Buster Olney of ESPN, and it’s clear that he doesn’t necessarily agree with the honor:

"Um, I can't even get my dog to stop peeing in the house. That is ridiculous. The whole thing is patently ridiculous. It's baseball – a pastime involving a lot of chance. If [Ben] Zobrist's ball is three inches farther off the line, I'm on the hot seat for a failed five-year plan. And I'm not even the best leader in our organization; our players are."

The only other sports figure in the “Fortune” list was LeBron James, who came in at number 11.


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