Why You Should Never Accept The First Hotel Room You’re Offered

We’ve all experienced hotel letdown. You arrive at what you thought would be a majestic place to stay, only to be assigned a corner room on the first floor, with a view of the parking lot and the faint scent of cigarettes in the air.

Pro tip: This is why you should pretty much ALWAYS ask to switch hotel rooms after seeing the first one you’re offered.

Oftentimes, the second room you’re assigned (or third, or fourth if you’re the daring sort) is much, much better than the first. All it takes is a gentle inquiry to land something spectacular, even when it’s not what the front desk initially prescribed.

If you’re any less than perfectly satisfied with the room you’re given, then it’s worth it to ask for a swap.

After checking out your initial room assignment, head down to the front desk and ask if there’s anything they can do to better suit your needs. Hotels often assign visitors to the most basic room in the price bracket they booked, says Zach Honig, editor-in-chief of The Points Guy.

We speculate that in doing this, hotels are saving the best rooms in the bracket for guests who complain or have special circumstances (aka guests like YOU).

Honig says he wouldn’t ask for a swap without seeing his initial hotel room first, and that’s exactly what we’d recommend.

After seeing a room firsthand, you can point out issues — such as lack of light or an odd smell or even noisy neighbors — that bolster your case for a new space.



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