Woman Rescued After Being Stranded Near Grand Canyon For Five Days

When Amber Vanhecke’s car ran out of gas near the south rim of the Grand Canyon, she did all the right things to help rescuers find her. The 24-year-old Texas woman still spent five days stranded in the sweltering heat, but she had food and water and was finally found, alive and well.

When she couldn’t get a cell phone signal, Vanhecke walked seven miles to a spot where she could call 911. Unfortunately, the call dropped before authorities zeroed in on her location. But this smart lady spelled out HELP in big letters on the ground using white rocks, which helped responders find her.

A helicopter crew spotted Vanhecke and she was rescued, then flown to a trauma center in Flagstaff. And she’s definitely looking at the bright side of her ordeal. She said, “I guess I got to cross riding in a helicopter off my bucket list.”

Source: CBS News

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