Folks Have Big Misconceptions About Self-Driving Cars

We’re constantly hearing reports these days about self-driving cars, but judging by a new survey, folks really don’t grasp the concept of what that actually means. It’s pretty apparent that most people don’t realize that a driver still needs to be ready to take the wheel, and the ability for the driver to not have to do anything driving-related is really far down the road.

Don’t believe us? Well, according to a new survey, 59% of Americans currently believe that self-driving vehicles will eliminate the problem of distracted drivers. And folks have some big dreams about what they think they'll be able to do in their vehicle once they don’t have to pay attention to the actual art of driving.

Overall, the most popular activity folks would want to do in a self-driving vehicle is sleep, with 51% saying the biggest advantage is not having to worry about getting tired behind the wheel and 19% saying they’d actually sleep or nap behind the wheel of a self-driving car.

Other activities folks hope to do while operating a self-driving vehicle include:

Texting (34%)

Reading (27%)

Playing video games(11%)

Meditate (11%)

Romantic activities (7%) (11% of men, 3% of women)

Not surprising, a lot of folks also believe a self-driving car will be a benefit if they want to go out partying. Of the licensed drivers asked, 13% believe they can’t get busted for DUI/DWI in an autonomous vehicle, with 33% saying the best advantage of a self-driving car is the possibility of getting home safely if they’ve been drinking or doing drugs.

ONE MORE THING! Since drivers do indeed still need to be prepared to intervene while operating a self-driving vehicle, the poll asked people what a more accurate name for such a car would be and some of the suggestions are pretty funny. They include: “boy you are lazy car,” “potential disaster car,” “take your chances car” and “accidents waiting to happen car.”

Source: Yahoo Finance

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