McDonald’s Worker Has No Plans To Retire Even Though She’s 94

Lots of us dream about retiring one day, but not Loraine Maurer. She’s been working at McDonald’s since 1973 and isn’t planning on quitting soon. The 94-year-old just celebrated 44 years with the fast-food chain in Evansville, Indiana, with regular customers coming out to show their support.

She gets up at three in the morning to work the breakfast shift at five on Friday and Saturday. Customers come out to get oatmeal made the “Loraine way” - they say only she makes it correctly!

Even now that all four of Maurer’s own children have retired, she still doesn’t want to stop clocking in. "I can't quit," Maurer says. "It's a reason to get up in the morning. The people are all nice."

Source: Business Insider

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