A Way For You To Obsess Even More Over Facebook

If you’re not one of them, then you know one. We’re talking about those people who take their Facebook experience so seriously, that they actually get angry or butthurt when they find out that someone’s deleted them. This is usually the same person who has over 500 friends, but only truly “knows” 10 of them. Then, a couple fall by the wayside, and they get all neurotic over who hates them, and why. It’s some truly sad psychology.

Now, there’s a way to add to the paranoia. Who Deleted Me is an app that keeps track of your Facebook friends-list. It also notifies you when someone takes them out of your treasured friend-circle. Every time you log in, your friends-list is updated and inventoried. It’ll also tell you if your missing friend was deleted, or if they just dropped your sorry ass. Unfortunately, it’s not retroactive, so it won’t be telling you who dropped you at anytime prior to you activating.

Also, there’s good news if you’re the creepy, stalker-type. This thing also tells you how active your friends are on Facebook. In addition, it can give you the option of making your messages appear un-read, assuming you don’t want someone to know that you’re reading their messages. If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can get this as a plug-in. It can also fly on your mobile through Android and Apple. Consider one more chunk of your privacy chipped away!

Source: The LAD Bible

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