The Grossest Beloved Foods Across The USA

American food can mean a lot of different things, depending on where you’re from. But there are some dishes that are popular in their home states and treasured by locals, but the rest of us consider cringeworthy. Here are a few of the grossest – (our apologies if you just ate):

Alaska - Akutaq (Eskimo ice cream): While it doesn’t actually contain dairy, akutaq is a “mixture of seal and/or other animal fats combined with whatever berries they have around, and sometimes they add milk and sugar, to sweeten it up. Now you understand why this one hasn’t caught on around the country.

Arizona – Mesquite Pods: If eating “8-inch-long chartreuse-colored spiders crawling out of branches” sounds good, good for you. For the rest of us, no thanks. And sure, there are different flavors – such as honey-mesquite – which fans say “tastes like organic Skittles,” but...NO.

Florida – Gator Tail: Exactly what you think it is. And while some say it “tastes like chicken,” we have to assume they mean, “fishy, swampy chicken.” Yuck.

Indiana - Brain Sandwich: Eating brains might not seem appealing to someone who’s not a zombie, but in Indiana, they like their pig brains breaded, fried, and on a bun.

Kentucky - Lamb Fries: You’re thinking of fried strips of potatoes, but in Kentucky, fries refers to testes. Yep. The fact they’re fried probably helps, but this dish isn’t for the faint of heart.

Mississippi - Koolickle: This starts with a regular pickle, but then they soak it in Kool-Aid. We can’t imagine what that tastes like, and don’t want to ever find out.

North Carolina - Livermush: The name is bad enough, but the ingredients are actually worse: pig liver, cornmeal, and get ready … “head parts.” Bon appétit, y’all!

Source: Fashionbeans

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