Young People Don’t Know How To Talk To Each Other Anymore

According to a new One Poll survey of 2,000 young Americans (18 or older) found. 65 percent of millennials don’t feel confident in face-to-face social interactions.

The survey, commissioned by Don Pablo Coffee, also discovered that 30 percent of millennials cancel or just don’t go to events they’re invited to because they fear it will be socially awkward.

But things aren’t so bad behind a screen: 8 in 10 of the young people surveyed reported feeling more comfortable having a conversation via text message or online.

That’s a problem: Knowing how to talk to people helps further your relationships and even your career, yet 2 in 5 millennials report experiencing problems with both because of their lack of social skills, the survey points out.

“Whether you’re with your friends or important business clients, most people don’t want to feel less than equal when everyone else is talking about world news—or bored to tears while they talk about TV shows you haven’t seen,” says Debra Fine, Colorado-based communication expert and author of The Fine Art of Small Talk.

So next time you default to weather-talk at the dinner table, bar, or party, heed her advice and find out how you can BS your way through any conversation.


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