Bride And Groom Visit Granny In Hospital After Ceremony

When her granny had a heart attack the night before her wedding, causing her to miss the ceremony, newlyweds Jessica and Tyler Brown brought their wedding party to the hospital so she could be a part of their special day. Margaret Harris might have missed her granddaughter walking down the aisle, but she got to see her in her wedding dress, even if was from her hospital bed.

Harris, 70, had a heart attack Friday night, so she couldn’t attend the wedding in the Jacksonville, Florida area. But she helped raise Jessica, so it was important for the bride to have her granny be a part of her special day. The happy couple just made a surprise visit to the hospital still decked out in their gown and tux to include Harris.

"My granny is the sweetest woman and has a hug so full of love that it makes the whole world feel OK," the bride says. "To finally hug her lifted my heavy heart." And it probably made granny feel a lot better, too!

Source: ABC News

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