Man Goes For “Likes” By Posting Five Different ‘Engagement’ Pics

There’s a guy named “Zach” out there on Facebook who’s brilliant at trolling for “likes”, while at the same time subtly mocking those who don’t seem to pay attention to what they’re “liking”. He started off by posting a picture that was captioned “We finally made it official!!!” The pic was of him and a lovely woman named “Somaly” who appears to be proudly showing off her new engagement ring. That pic garnered 340 likes. Nice!

Then he thanked everyone for their overwhelming support, and posted a second pic announcing that he had gotten engaged to another woman…with the first girl stewing in the background. There were 213 likes on that one. By the time he was done, he’d gotten engaged five times, and in four of the pics the first girl was scowling in the background.

The “likes” did die down, but it was clear that in his little experiment that people were just liking something just to like it. They actually started reading later once they realized that they were being played and mocked openly. Sometimes a good mocking is a fun and healthy thing. But it doesn’t appear the “first” fiancée appreciated things either, so…

Source: The LAD Bible

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