This Hand Salad Is Really Making People Mad?

“Bon Appétit,” the foodie magazine, recently posted a salad recipe for a “hand salad.” It’s basically just some romaine leaves arranged on a plate, with a small bowl of garlic-yogurt dip. Hardly a real salad, it’s just some lettuce and dip, and it’s causing some “roughage rage.”

This finger food is far from an actual salad, but “Bon Appétit” describes it as an appetizer for a dinner party. But people aren’t happy with the “hand salad” and they’re not shy about sharing their opinion about these “alternative facts.”

“But it’s not even a proper salad, with different types of vegetables and deliciousness,” Metro UK reports. “Just sad lonely lettuce you must dunk into a sauce.”

“Food mags have officially run out of ideas,” tweetsDavid Leftwich. “Though I can’t wait for French Fries to be called Hand Potato Salad.”“My grandmother would have smacked that hand salad right back on my plate and handed me a fork,” tweeted Shawn Carney.

Even some staff at “Bon Appétit” got in on the fun:

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