Kid Gives Grieving Cops His Wii To Make Them Feel Better

After finding out that Detective Jason Weiland of the Everest Metropolitan Police Department in Wisconsin was killed in the line of duty, seven year old Brady Duke wanted to do something to help the grieving officers. So he donated his most prized possession to the Wausau Police Department, which is also near his home.

“I knew I had to do something because their police brother died,” Brady explains. And in a letter the department posted to their Facebook page, he thanks the officers for protecting his family. And he tells them that he wants them to have his Wii, “to make them feel better.”

Wausau Police Deputy Chief Ben Bliven says they’re actually using it, encouraging officers to “come in, take a break and de-stress.” And the department recognized Brady’s generous gesture with one of their own: the boys in blue surprised him with an Xbox 360 so he can still play too.

Source: WREG

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