Mail Carrier Leaves Apologetic Note After Dropping Package in Toilet

An Englishman returned home to find a strange note explaining why a package he ordered was in his toilet.

Sam Cooke shared photos of the unopened packaged nestled in his toilet bowl along with two missed delivery cards from the Royal Mail.

"Well this has happened today..." Cooke wrote.

The first missed delivery note simply informed him the package had been delivered through an open window in Cooke's home, while the second featured an apologetic message after the delivery person realized the package had fallen in the toilet.

"I'm really sorry," the mail carrier wrote. "I think your parcel might have fallen in the toilet accidentally."

The Royal Mail reached out to apologize to Cooke on Twitter after his post went viral, but the 22-year-old took the bizarre situation in stride.

"There's honestly nothing to apologize for, the parcel is absolutely fine, gave me and thousands of others a good laugh that's all," he responded.

Cooke did, however, request to be put in contact with the mail carrier to prove the viral post was actually real.


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