Toddler Defends Her Doll Choice To Cashier

As a special prize for becoming potty trained, Brandi Benner took her daughter Sophia to Target to let the toddler choose a toy. The little girl picked a doll in a doctor’s coat and they proceeded to the checkout line, where their white cashier asked a few strange questions about the dark skinned doll Sophia - also white - chose.

The cashier asked if the toddler was going to a birthday party, if her doll was for a friend, and if she was sure that was the doll she wanted. When Sophia answered “Yes!” the cashier said, “But she doesn’t look like you” and mentioned there were plenty of dolls that did.

And before her mom could intervene, little Sophia had the perfect response. "She does (look like me)!" she responded. "She's a doctor, I'm a doctor. She is a pretty girl, I am a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? See her stethoscope?"

The proud mama shared the experience on her Facebook page, and it’s gone viral with over 345,000 likes! It’s a wonderful reminder that kids aren’t born thinking that skin color matters and that everyone is beautiful.

Source: Babble

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