Family Member Criticizes Woman For Wearing The Same Dress To Multiple Weddings

Anyone who’s had to go to multiple weddings in the same month or year probably considered wearing the same outfit, but one woman who did just that got a reaction she wasn’t quite expecting.

A British woman recently took to the UK site Mumset to share that she had worn the same outfit to three weddings, two of which featured many of the same guests. She did try to change things up with different bags and accessories, but apparently her choice of clothing really irked a member of her family. After sending her some pictures of the affair, a cousin told her, “It’s a shame you couldn’t be bothered to wear something different.”

The women didn’t think much of it and thought the cousin was joking, but apparently the cousin wasn’t laughing and insisted that wearing the same outfit was “disrespectful” and “rude,” noting that she should have declined the invitation rather than turn up “inappropriately dressed.”

The woman has been wondering whether or not she really was in the wrong, but it turns out most are siding with her and think her cousin is nuts. Unless you were wearing a flowing white gown or a flamingo outfit then I doubt anyone else noticed what you were wearing!,” wrote one commenter. And even more noted that men often wear the same outfit over and over and nobody questions it. "Just another example of everyday sexism,” a user added. “Men can recycle the same outfit but god forbid a woman does!"

Source: MamaMia

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