Guy Tries To Crowdfund Engagement Ring, Internet Freaks

Crowdfunding is a productive way to raise money for all kinds of things, like medical expenses, personal emergencies, and creative projects. But engagement rings? Not so much. And William Oliver from Atlanta is finding this out the hard way with his recent GoFundMe campaign for a $15,000 rock he wanted to pop the question with.

Oliver wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Alexandra. And while that’s a lovely gesture, he decided asking loved ones and strangers to donate money to help him buy a very pricey $15,000 ring is not the way to do it. But the 30-year-old dude thinks others should chip in on his purchase.

“I've decided to utilize GoFundMe to let everybody who loves us show us,” he writes on the GoFundMe page. “Money for the engagement ring is your chance to get involved.” Uh, what?

And you won’t be surprised to find out that while this campaign is trending, having been shared 14-thousand times so far, he’s only raised $609 of that $15,000 goal. But it’s all a little confusing, because in an update to the fundraising page, Oliver writes that they are engaged and posts a photo of a big ring on a very happy looking woman’s finger. He also writes “Unconventional love is free, weddings are not.”

So maybe he’s hoping to fundraise for the wedding now and not the engagement ring? He’s still pushing for the campaign to go viral, but we think he might have a hard time raising the rest of the $14,400 he’s hoping for.

Source: Mashable

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