It’s The Coffee Table Beer Fridge!

Behold! This is the next, greatest, and most important thing to take up precious space in your palatial estate. We’re proud to present to you the Sobro. This thing is unlike any coffee table you’ve ever seen. It was initially put up as a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, and the inventors were seeking 50-grand. With about a month to go, this beast has raised over $850,000…so it’s safe to say there’s some interest.

What makes this thing so awesome? It’s far more than just a coffee table. It’s a “smart” table with charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lights. Oh, one more thing: it also serves as a beer cooler. To be fair, there’s no rule saying that you have to use it for beer, but come on, what else would you even think about putting in there?

The Sobro is currently in the prototype stage, and is looking to retail at about $1,500. Right now, though, the prototypes are running at nice discounts while they last. It’s a special piece of awesomeness that could make you the envy of the testosterone crowd for the foreseeable future…or until you get sick of everyone emptying the cooler, and not having the courtesy of refilling it.


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