The Best Ways To Handle Being Next To An Annoying Child On A Plane

We think most people will agree that there’s nothing worse than a crying baby on a plane, except maybe having to sit next to that crying tot. So, how do you handle it if you’re the one unlucky enough to get that seat next to the cranky child? 

Well, if it’s truly an infant there’s not much you can do because all the dirty looks you give them, or their parent, isn’t going to stop them from crying. Your best bet is simply to get a pair of earplugs, or maybe a good pair of noise cancelling headphones.

If the child is a little older and unruly then you can actually speak up. For example, if they're kicking the back of your seat you don’t have to just accept it and grind your teeth throughout the flight. Be nice, but it's totally fair to ask a parent to deal with their kid. A flight attendant suggests first talking to the child directly, before going to the parent and then, if you must, got to someone on the crew.

Of course the flight attendant can be of great help because they usually have stuff on the plane that may keep that kid busy. One attendant shares, “Usually, planes [are stocked] with coloring books and things for kids to do.”

Source: Time 

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