After 64 Years Former High School Sweethearts Reconnect And Marry

They were high school sweethearts and even went to prom together, but Joyce Kevorkian and Jim Bowman grew apart and were both married to other people for over 50 years. But after each losing their spouses and then getting back in touch after so many years, the 81-year-olds reunited and got married, 64 years later.

The couple got in contact when Bowman was in charge of their high school reunion and they decided to reconnect and meet up. Sparks flew and he popped the question to his old girlfriend six decades after their romance began. They said “I do” on April 1.

“It was just a really sweet wedding,” says Kevorkian's granddaughter Anna Harris. “The best part is just how happy they both are. They’re both talking about what they are going to do in the future. When you watch them it’s like two high schoolers that just started dating. It’s really nice.”

Source: Inside Edition

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