Grooming Habits that Turn Women Off

It’s a given that some things more than others are going to be a turn off for women whether it is the way a man eats, how he styles his hair or something else. There are certain things that if they see, smell or hear about will cause an automatic turn off that make what could have been a promising meeting into another waste of your time. But how do you know what those things are? Well, below you will find the top 5 grooming habits that turn women off quicker than you can say hello.

Long, Dirty Toenails – This is a must for both women and men as one glimpse of unkempt feet could ruin any chance you have at a more intimate acquaintance. You don’t have to go and have weekly pedicures at the local nail salon, but taking the time to ensure that your toenails are clean and at a proper shortness will do a world of good to winning over a lady.

Dry, Cracked and Unsightly Heels – Say you’ve got her in bed and things are getting good when all over a sudden you make a wrong move and your dry, cracked heels scratch her soft skin, ending the mood in a second flat. It’s so far from a turn on it’s a crime, so slap some lotion on those suckers and make sure they are at least smooth enough that your bed partner doesn’t feel like they’re in bed with a SOS pad.

Hair in Places there Shouldn’t Be – A little manly chest hair is one thing, but a rug forming on your back, toes, butt, etc is pushing it. If you have a hair problem invest in going to a salon and having it waxed or start shaving like mad because women rarely fine body hair attractive except for the chest.

Strong, Unpleasant Smells – Smell is one of the best ways that women that you can attract a woman other than you looks when you first meet her, but if your manly scent is just a little too “manly” that advantage could be a major turn off for women. Whether it is caused by showering less frequently, an aversion to deodorant or a fondness for a little too much cologne, consider in toning down the smells to a more pleasing level.

Bad Oral Hygiene - If you want to get a woman to kiss you, you need to pay attention to your overall oral hygiene; it is as simple as that. Funky breath, yellow teeth, food in the teeth and so forth will turn her off and ensure that nobody will want a smooch, so develop a good oral hygiene routine so that your mouth is as fresh and clean as possible at all times.


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