Ric Flair Kicked Out Of A Bar For Behaving Like Ric Flair

Any red blooded American male knows who Ric Flair is, because basically the man is such an icon the simple three-letter exclamation of “Woo” seems to be credited to him at this point

Which is also why, when you hear that the wrestler was kicked out of an Indiana bar after only five minutes inside the premises, you’re not surprised to hear that the reason was for, well, “being Ric Flair.”

Oh don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a ridiculous thing like back in Tuscaloosa last month when Alabama fans asked Deshaun Watson to leave because they were all butthurt he beat them in the NCAA championship.

Noooo. It was because Ric Flair can only be Ric Flair.

An employee at The Deck at the Gas House in Fort Wayne told the “Indianapolis Star” that Flair was “acting like a moron.” She said he called one of the bartenders a “fat ass.”

Flair was only at the bar for a few minutes before he was kicked out.

But we have a better source than the Star for how the story ended—Twitter.

So thanks to the twitter handle of @Sir_William16 who asked “Did you woooo! when he got kicked out?!”

And even moreso for this response from one @Eric_Gauger:

Oh absolutely! Everyone did

Woo, indeed.

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