Elton John Stands Against Chechnya Gay Concentration Camps

Elton John has added his name to an Amnesty International petition opposing the detaining of gay men in Chechnya and putting them in concentration camps where they are allegedly being tortured and beaten. Some, to death.

Elton tweeted a portion of the Amnesty petition that reads, “The freedom to love who you choose is a fundamental human right. It must be protected," and adds, "If you agree, sign the Amnesty International petition and help fight the reported abduction and killing of gay men in Chechnya."

The singer captioned the tweet, “Elton supports the petition by ‪@amnesty to put a stop to the abduction and killing of gay men in ‪#Chechnya. ‪http://amnesty.org.uk .”

So far the petition has more than 700,000 signatures. 

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