How To Escape From A Terrible Date

Going out with someone you only know from their online dating profile can be a gamble. Even if you met in person, you still don’t know someone very well when you first go out, so at some point, you’re bound to end up on a date with someone you don’t really want to be with. So what’s the best way to get out of it? Relationship expert Dr. Paulette Sherman says it depends on what your issue with your date is. Here’s her advice:

If they're perfectly nice, but you have zero chemistry - When there’s nothing really wrong with your date, but you’re just not feeling it, try to do the right thing anyway and stick around. Sherman suggests sticking it out for one drink or 40 minutes, whichever comes first.

If they're making it hard for you to exit gracefully - You can always use the old excuse that you have to be up early, or say that you have family meeting, or that you’re meeting an old friend and can’t cancel - that way you have a hard deadline for escaping.

If you feel unsafe - If your date is making you uncomfortable in any way and you don’t feel safe, do whatever you need to get away. If you don’t want to just storm out, you can text a friend to come rescue you, or use the app Bad Date Rescue to get a fake call that’ll give you an excuse to go. Some bars even have codes like "Angela," "angel shot," or "on ice" that'll alert the staff you need help.

If they're getting the wrong idea - Make sure your body language is backing up your thoughts that things are strictly platonic between you. Keep your conversation short and don’t leave together. If all else fails, give him a handshake at the end and he’ll get the idea.

If they ask you out again, and you know it's a definite nope - In this case, Sherman recommends something honest like, “You seem like a great person, but I don’t think we’re a match.” It works in person or via text, so you won’t have to ghost them to pass on another date. But if they ask to your face, at least have the courtesy to say “no” to their face.

Source: Glamour

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