This Mechanic Will Fix Anyone’s Car For Free

One of the worst parts of taking your car to the garage to have it worked on is that call from the mechanic letting you know how much the work is going to cost you. So one mechanic in Powder Springs, Georgia has found a way to ease that stress: he does the labor for free.

Retired Air Force mechanic David McCoy has been heading his Car Care team for 15 years. And they’ve helped everyone from single mothers to cancer patients get their repairs done for just the cost of parts. And he’ll help anyone who says they need it. “Do you need it?” McCoy asks. “If so, you qualify.”

McCoy feels his free repairs are important in his community, a suburb of metro Atlanta, because they don’t offer much public transportation. So twice a month, he works with 40 volunteers to get the work done. Last year, the Car Care team donated $68,000 worth of work. That makes for a lot of happy customers!

Source: MSN

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