What Are The Worst Culinary Sins? Here’s What Twitter Thinks

Cooking can be forgiving and you can make some swaps without affecting the finished product. But some kitchen decisions result in disaster, like using fat-free cheese instead of the real stuff. Give us all the fat or give us nothing!

So when the hashtag #CulinaryCardinalSins started trending on Twitter, you know people had some strong opinions. Here’s what people just won’t stand for when it comes to their food:

Spinach pancakes

Veggie bacon

Otherwise delicious oatmeal cookies ...ruined by adding raisins

Calling Taco Bell Mexican food

Well done steak


Avocado brownies

Pineapple on pizza

Decaf coffee

Popcorn with no butter

Salting your food without tasting it first


And one more that no one can argue with: Heating leftover fish for lunch at the office

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