What Constitutes Cheating?

While most people would agree that cheating on a spouse or significant other is a terrible thing to do, what exactly constitutes cheating is a whole other story.

A new report finds that three-quarters of Americans believe having sex with someone else or kissing someone else is “always” cheating, but the answers aren’t as clear cut in other areas. A new YouGov survey polled Americans on their attitudes about adultery and cheating and some of the answers you may find surprising. 

For example, 69% of people say sending sexually explicit text messages is “always” considered cheating, while 63% say someone who maintains a dating profile while in a relationship is a cheat. And if you think following an ex on social media is innocent, your partner may not. In fact, 54% of people “sometimes” consider that cheating, while 16% say it’s “always” cheating.

Other things folks consider cheating include:

Being emotionally involved with someone other than your partner (55%)

Sending flirtations messages to someone other than your partner (51%

)Going out to dinner with someone you are attracted to (37%)

Going to a strip club without your partner (23%)

Watching pornography without your partner (19%)

And when folks say all men are cheats, that may not be true, but it’s certainly more true than with women. Of the 11 behaviors listed on the survey, women were more likely to consider them as cheating than men, especially when it came to Internet-related infidelity.

Source: Desert News

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