Blind Couple Gets 3D-Printed Ultrasound To Feel Their Unborn Baby

Brazilian couple Ana Paula Silveira and Alvaro Zermiani are both legally blind, so when they found out she was pregnant, they were nervous. And the fact they wouldn’t be able to see their unborn son on the ultrasound made it worse. But thanks to modern technology, they’ve been able to experience their baby in a cool new way.

The expecting parents were given the chance to have a 3D-printed ultrasound, with the help of obstetrician Dr. Heron Werner. The couple knew of his work caring for visually impaired women, so they sought him out and he gave them three ultrasounds, one for each trimester of the pregnancy.

“With the 3D printing I didn’t have to rely on someone’s description,” Silveira says. “I could have something that was real and I could see in the way I am familiar with.”

Source: Inside Edition

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