Do Kids Believe In The Easter Bunny?

This Sunday families will be getting together to celebrate Easter, and while we’re sure a lot of kids will be excited to get a chocolate Easter bunny in their basket, how many of them actually believe that Easter bunny is real? Well, the answer depends on the age of the child.

According to a new poll by Delta Dental, 68% of children between the ages of three to five believe in the Easter Bunny, which falls pretty far behind their belief in Santa (82%) and the Tooth Fairy (77%). As you can imagine, those numbers go down for older kids, with only 58% of those 12 and under believing in the Easter Bunny, while 71% of that group believes in Santa and 70% believe in the Tooth Fairy. 

As for those who believe the least, well that would be children between the ages of 10 and 12, with only 45% believing in the Easter Bunny, while 62% believe in the Tooth Fairy and 60% believe in Santa. 

And when it comes to regions of the country, kids in the Midwest are the biggest believers in the Easter Bunny (64%), as compared to the South (58%), the Northeast (54%) and the West (53%). 

Source: Yahoo News

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