Hey Men!!! What The Ladies Hate That You Do On Social Media

In today’s world, your social media presence can have an impact on your relationship happiness, for better or for worse. If you want to stay happy, then there are some simple things you should keep in mind. It’ll help you keep the target off of your back, and keep things moving in a more drama-free way…after all, drama is the number one killer of moods everywhere.

Here’s the stuff guys do on social media that women detest:

Ignoring – If you want put a major bug up her butt, then pretend she doesn’t exist on your Facebook page. Big mistake. But also explain how special PRIVACY can be.

Selfies – If you post a caption of your gym accomplishment rather than just a muscle-bound selfie, then you look less self-indulgent and more inspirational.

Sharing More Online Than In Real Life – Share info with her first, then go online. Then she appears more special than the cyber-world.

Whining – Sure everyone has a gripe, but no one likes a constant complainer.

No Response – If you’re taking a Facebook break…fine. Tell her first, so you can avoid that whole scene.

Your Kind Of A Big Deal – Sharing accomplishments is great, but be brief and matter-of-fact, rather than, “Hey everyone…dig the hell out of me!”

Drunkeness – Doesn’t exactly send out the maturity-alert.

Sports Tweets – Especially if she’s watch with you. It might appear she’s third to the game and the phone…and that never ends well.

Liking” The Posts Of Other Women – Especially the hot posts. Use the head on your shoulders for this one.

Random Nakedness – It’s bad enough when and ex sends you a nude or semi-nude pic. Why would you show it off? Just apologize and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Unless you want it to…then you have a whole other issue to deal with.

Eliminating social media drama, is a gateway to happier existence.

Source: Men’s Fitness

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