“Star Wars” Toy Collectors Have Something New To Drool Over

At Star Wars Celebration Weekend, one of the highlights was what had “Star Wars” toy collectors frothing out of their collective mouth-holes: the Vintage Collection is making its triumphant return.

The Vintage Collection was a collector-focused line of the toys that Hasbro had cancelled in 2012. Each of the toys was super-detailed, and stood 3 ¾-inches tall. When the series was cancelled, the uber-collectors were made to pay more for the six-inch figures, and basically start their collections all over again. Not a big deal to mere mortals, but to these rabid fans it was a major crotch-shot.

Hasbro’s decision to fire up the Vintage Collection again is a huge nod to the die-hard fans and collectors. When the series is resurrected, it will start with the character of Rey. From there, fans will be able to decide what the next character in the collection will be through a fan poll. If you’re interested in such things, you can look for the Vintage Collection in-stores in the Spring of 2018…after you pay your parents rent, and feed your pet tarantula.

Source: io9

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