MLB Might Mic The Umps

Well, this could either be fascinating, or a disaster waiting to happen. Just like players in the NFL, NBA, and MLB have been for years, it now looks like the umpires in Major League Baseball could be getting mic’d-up.

If things go the right way, fans will be able to hear and understand better the process involved when reviewing a disputed play. For example, a ball launches along the left field line, and looks like it just grazes the foul pole. Is it or is it not a home run? But then you’ll also get to hear the entire pissing contest “under the curtain” – so to speak – as the umps get together and hash it out. Then you can still yell at them in real time as they clearly prepare to get it wrong.

Nothing is carved in granite just yet on this, as the MLB and umps still have a few things to hash-out. One thought that could be in-play is giving it a test run at this year’s All Star Game in Miami. Then, they’ll use the second half of the season to tweak it, and then let it fly during the playoffs. By the way, right now the umps are smack-dab in the midst of a five-year deal, so any changes require negotiations. And you know how that goes...

Source: ESPN

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