Phone Scam Going Around Concerning Homeland Security

There’s a new number to wary of if you see an incoming call from it. Keep an eye out for 1-800-323-8603. Your caller ID may show it as coming from “Homeland Security.” Yes, that IS the actual number for Homeland Security, but…no…they aren’t really calling you, and it’s a scam.

Specifically, that phone number is for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General. It’s a complaint hotline for DHS employees, and there’ are NEVER any outgoing calls made from it. The slime-ball that’s “spoofing” the number is calling people and claiming that they’re from “U.S. Immigration.” They’re not. It’s a scam that started in late last month.

This is most-likely a parroting of the IRS scam that started floating around about a year ago. That’s when people started getting messages stating if you didn’t call back the number immediately, then you were subject to prosecution from the IRS. Some actually fell for that one, even though the scam seemed pretty ridiculous. One immigrant woman bought thousands of dollars in gift cars to Apple and Toys-R-Us, and then read the activation numbers one-by-one to the person on the phone to avoid the IRS penalties. That one might’ve been a tad fishy.

Source: Gizmodo

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