Drinking Lots Of Coffee Is Actually Okay For You

Coffee lovers, listen up. You don’t need to worry about your four cup a day habit anymore - a new study has found drinking that much java isn’t bad for your health!

An 8-oz. cup of brewed coffee contains between 95- and 165-mg of caffeine. And according to researchers with the International Life Sciences Institute, it’s safe for adults to consume roughly 400-mg of caffeine, the amount found in four cups. That’s a lot more than the average amount of caffeine in people’s daily fix, which the study found is about 165-mg, and 105-mg of that comes from coffee.

This research also suggests that pregnant women should limit their caffeine to 300-mg a day, which is about three cups. And this study even says kids can drink up to 2.5-mg a day with no negative health effects. While we’re not so sure you want to start giving coffee to the kiddos, go ahead and enjoy another cup of joe if you want to, science says it’s okay.

Source: New York Post

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