One Day We May Have A Pill That Replaces Exercise

While there will always be people who claim they love to exercise, let’s face it, most of us would rather not have to hit the gym at all. Sure, we schlep ourselves there a few times a week because we know it’s good for us, but what if we could get the same benefits simply by taking a pill? Well, believe it or not, that may not be that far off.

A recent report presented at the American Physiological Society’s annual meeting reveals that scientists have gotten a bit closer to creating what they’re calling an “exercise pill,” which will give folks all the health benefits of working out, and also prevent obesity. The pill would suppress a protein called myostatin, which enhances muscle mass and can improve heart and kidney health.

According to research, obese people find it harder to exercise because they produce more myostatin, and if they don’t exercise they don’t build muscle mass and then find it more difficult to take off the pounds.

Of course, the pill is probably still a bit off. So far the theory has only been tested on mice, but it’s still promising. Especially for all us lazy folks...

Source: New York Post

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