Science Says Nose Picking Kids Are Healthier

If you’ve spent any time around little kids, you know they commonly pick their noses. And as moms, we’re constantly reminding them to get their fingers out of their noses, but it really doesn’t do any good. And now science has revealed that this nasty habit actually has an upside - it turns out children who pick their noses are actually healthier than other people.

As much as we hate seeing our kids digging for boogers and then sticking their fingers in their mouths, a study found that snot is good for dental hygiene. Yes, this is all gross, but hang in there to hear the benefits.

Apparently, our snot contains “salivary mucins,” which become a physical barrier against cavities by keeping the bacteria that causes them from sticking to the teeth. So that mucus from your kid’s nose that he ate could actually be a “natural resource for cavity prevention.” It’s just an icky one.

This isn’t the first research about the benefits of booger eating. There have been studies suggesting the mucus-y stuff could help with stomach ulcers and respiratory infections. And others that found picking your nose and eating it can be good for you because the mucus traps the germs and ingesting them can strengthen the immune system.

Is it a yucky habit? Yep. But since we can’t always stop them from picking, at least we know it’s actually healthy for them. Thanks, science.

SourceThe Stir

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