Uh Waiter … There’s A Condom In My Food

A woman who ate at the International House of Pancakes in Homewood, Alabama claims she choked on something in her French toast and had to go to the hospital as a result. And brace yourselves - she says it was a condom.

Demetria Hannah has filed a lawsuit against IHOP’s parent company KMG Enterprises, claiming that when she, her husband, and grandkids ate at the chain back in February, she choked on a condom that was served to her in the French toast and sausage meal. She couldn’t get the object out of her throat and was treated by emergency personnel and eventually they took her to the hospital for additional treatment.

But IHOP isn’t buying it. “We absolutely deny this claim,” says Alan Garrett, Vice President of KMG Enterprises Inc. “It’s a total fabrication.”

The lawsuit claims that IHOP “breached their duties to exercise reasonable care in the preparation of the food served to the plaintiff, to sell food that was merchantable, and to sell food that was not unreasonably dangerous.”

Whether her story of how things went down is true or not, the thought of it is nasty. Is there anything worse you could find in your food? A hair is bad enough, a Band-Aid is worse, but a condom - used or not - has to be the ultimate in horrifying stuff you could find in your food.

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