Firefighters Have To Deal With A Pet Alligator And A Massive Fire

Only in Australia! As if being a firefighter is dangerous enough, those responding to a call in Darwin had to deal with the blaze all while under the watchful eye of a pet alligator. 

Fortunately for the firefighters, Albert, the 13-foot-long croc, was kept in a backyard enclosure and wasn't injured by the two story fire. "Thankfully the crocodile didn't affect our operations at all," firefighter Bill Gleeson says. "It's well contained and clearly unaffected by fire. He seemed quite happy to look at me as I was protecting the premises." 

Homeowner Helen Haritos explains she inherited Albert from her crocodile hunter father back in 1992. It's unclear whether Albert will be removed from the home or not. 

Source: Associated Press

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