PlayStation 5 Could Hit In 2018

It’s been a while since Microsoft and Sony have done a full-scale revision of their respective consoles. Rather than doing a new product to move up from the Xbox One or the PS4, the companies have opted for upgrades, as they did with PS4 Pro or Project Scorpio.

There are rumblings, however, that Sony could be offering up their response to Project Scorpio as early as next year. That response could be in the form of a new PS5 console. Damian Thong of Macquarie Capital Securities is someone who tends to be in-the-know about these things. Without specifically saying it, Thong is hinting that Sony’s project will produce 10 teraflops of graphics power.

That would be substantially more than the 6 teraflops of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Now, it’s way too early to for speculation beyond that, but it does lead Sony customer to wonder if the new system would support PS4 games, or if they’d have to start their collection from scratch.

Source: Uber Gizmo

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