Trader Joes Selling Cheap Wine In A Can

Beer drinkers have it easy when heading out for a barbecue or picnic since their favorite drink comes in an easy to open and carry cans. Well, thanks to Trader Joes, wine aficionados no longer have to be jealous.

The popular market has just introduced a new line of canned wines, which just like their bottled Two Buck Chuck, is pretty cheap. TJ’s Vino Frizzante is available at locations nationwide that sell wine and comes in rose and white at a cost of just $3.99 a six-pack.

As for how it tastes, well judging by taste testers at the "New York Daily News" at least one variety may not be that bad. The white was deemed “totally harmless,” and “picnic worthy,” with one person saying it “tastes like the $13 bottle of white I’d usually buy.” As for the rose, that’s another story. Taste-testers called it “harsh” and medicinal,” with one person saying they “can’t even stomach a sip of that one.” 

Source: New York Daily News

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