Fast Food Secrets Revealed

Millions of people eat at fast food chains every day and get the exact same food that people are eating at every other location and that kind of consistency isn’t easy to maintain. To provide quality food and keep costs low, fast food chains use some procedures that they wish we’d never find out about. But thanks to a Reddit thread, some former employees share some behind the scenes secrets about our favorite fast food joints.

Soda machines are hard to clean - Look up into the ice dispenser next time you use a soda machine and there’s a chance you’ll spot mold. That’s because they’re not easy to clean, but it doesn’t make it okay!

McCafe machines aren’t easy to clean, either - These are also challenging to clean, so they’re not sanitized very often.

Don’t ask for lemons or limes - In all bars and restaurants, lemons for drinks are one of the germiest things around because they’re not always washed, lots of people handle them, and they sit around out in the open.

Chicken nuggets spend a lot of time waiting around - Micky D’s McNuggets sit in a warming tray all day, and even though they’re supposed to be trashed after a set amount of time, some former employees say that doesn’t happen most of the time.

The chili meat at Wendy’s is repurposed burger - After learning about the moldy ice machines, this one doesn’t bother us at all – because at least it’s cooked! At Wendy’s, they take the hamburgers that sit on the grill too long to serve to customers and use them to make their chili so they don’t go to waste.

Source: Fox News

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