Chocolate Maker Has Vermont Town Searching For Golden Tickets

In Brattleboro, Vermont, people are searching for golden tickets just like in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Local candy maker Tavernier Chocolates created special limited edition candy bars, and in their batch of 1,000, they put golden tickets inside three of them.

The lucky people who find the prizes will win free parking for a year in downtown Brattleboro, which is valued at $400. Chocolate makers Dar Tavernier and her husband, John Singer, came up with the idea to help lure people to downtown shops so they’ll shop with local retailers. The town is even donating the parking spaces.

“Parking is a little difficult in downtown Brattleboro,” Tavernier explains. “We’re really lucky that we have a really vibrant downtown. It’s very busy and it is paid parking.”

The chocolate making couple says the reaction to the golden tickets has been “amazing.” These special candy bars are dark chocolate, mixed with maple nuggets - which sounds delicious. But it’s those golden tickets that people really want!

Source: Inside Edition

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