Can A Pet Make You More Attractive To A Mate?

If you ever thought getting a pet could possibly help find you a mate of the human kind, it turns out that furry friend may indeed help, but it does depend on what type of pet you get. In case you missed it, a new survey by Petsies, a company that makes stuffed animals, set out to discover whether a pet makes men and women seem more attractive to the opposite sex and the answer is apparently sometimes.

Based on the results, men looking for love may want to run out and get a puppy, with women finding men with puppies 24% sexier, 14% more trustworthy and 13% more attractive than those without a pooch. But big dogs seem to be a turnoff, with men with big pooches considered the least sexy and least attractive, while those with medium size dogs were considered the least trustworthy.

Dogs also help women, as long as they aren’t too big or too small, with gals with medium-sized dogs considered 7% sexier and more attractive than gals with no dogs, although women with small dogs were deemed the most trustworthy (9%).

But gals may want to think twice before getting a cat, and not just because people may start labeling you an old cat lady. Men rated gals with kittens the least attractive, and those with cats were the least likely to be considered sexy or trustworthy.

Source: New York Post

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