“Facebook TV” Coming In June

Facebook Head Honcho Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly made the point that Facebook isn’t a media company. That said, it’s interesting that there are reports floating around that the social media monster is prepping to fire-up a couple dozen original “TV-like” shows. Those rumors are also suggesting that you could be seeing these creations by about mid-June.

To be fair, these whispers first started popping up in December – saying that Facebook is looking to lock-horns with the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Hulu in the battle for creating original content. Now, it appears the first shot is ready to be fired across the bow.

If the rumors are true, we’ll first see the big-budget, marquee type shows like you’d find on regular television. Then, there’d be the smaller-budget “mini-shows” with a run time of about 10 minutes per ep.

One thing that’s missing from this rumor is any mention of A-list stars that are involved. That leads to speculation that this introduction would be much more understated as Facebook figures out how to pull it off.

Source: Gizmodo

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