Wonder Woman Is Hocking "thinkThin" Bars And People Don’t Like It

“Wonder Woman” is scheduled to be released on June 2nd and it’s exciting that this female-led superhero story is coming to the big screen. But now that they’re promoting the movie, some of the marketing choices are ticking fans off.

Warner Brothers (the studio behind the movie) has partnered with thinkThin (the brand that makes protein bars, oatmeal, and protein powders), for a big advertising campaign to promote the movie. But some worry that having Wonder Woman pushing these leads us to think that she’s only powerful because she’s thin.

And since this movie is being marketed to girls and women, that sends a dangerous message. Slogans like “Think Thin” push the idea that thinner is better and that females should be focused on protein and calories. Wonder Woman is already a positive role model – we don’t need her pushing a negative message, especially to young girls.

Research shows that eating disorders start younger than ever, and promotions like these don’t help. No one should be suggesting females have to “Think Thin” to be Wonder Women because they already are.

Source: Allure

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