Kid Gets 10-Day School Suspension For “Liking” A Picture

An Ohio kid in middle school has been slapped with a 10-day suspension for the simple act of “liking” a picture on Instagram. The offensive picture, in this case? An airsoft gun. For those who don’t know, an airsoft gun is one step down from a BB gun, where the pellets are made of plastic and shot out by air blasts.

Zachary Bowlin – the kid in question – was at home one night and just innocently “liked” the picture. The next morning, he was called into the office of the school, patted down, and then checked for weapons. Keep in mind, that this was just from clicking the “like” icon. He didn’t make a comment, share, or never made a threat of any kind.

When the school was confronted by parents who were more than a little pissed off, the suspension was dropped. Even so, the school shot out an email to parents saying there was a “threat” made on the school, and that it had been “addressed.” As a final act of idiocy, the school’s superintendent didn’t even admit that it was a silly mistake. Instead, he doubled-down on the ‘zero tolerance’ policy, and that threats over social media would be taken seriously…and, at times, over-the-top. Idiots.

Source: Fox 19

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