Kelly Ripa Isn't Worried About Ryan Seacrest Bailing On Her

No, Kelly Ripa isn't losing sleep over Ryan Seacrest's "American Idol" gig, despite with RadarOnline is reporting. The site claims Kelly is worried yet another hosting job will pull Ryan away from her and "Live."

Sources tell Radar Ripa fears Seacrest will “ditch her" like Michael Strahan did, especially because he's not even getting an apartment in New York and allegedly living in a hotel. 

As Gossip Cop points out there are a few things wrong with this article, least of which is that Ryan is moving to New York, apartment and all. Otherwise, the site points out that Kelly has been on of Ryan's biggest supporters when it comes to going back to "American Idol." All in all, rumors of strife are nothin' but breeze.

Source: Gossip Cop

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