Woman Trolls Pervert Like A Boss

Women are tired of getting unsolicited photos of guys’ junk. And when it happened to one woman in England, she had the best response ever. Tara Natasha was unlucky enough to get yet another penis picture she didn’t ask for from some guy, but she got him back in the cleverest way.

When the 26-year-old got the pic, she tricked the guy into thinking she wanted to meet up with him. She even led him to believe she and her roommate were down for a threesome. And when he asked for her address, she gave him the zip code for Buckingham Palace - you know, where the Queen of England lives.

But that didn’t deter this horndog, he just replied to her text telling her he lives 20-minutes away and would drive over. And that’s just what he did. When he got there, he texted, “I didn’t realize you lived by Buckingham Palace.” And Natasha told him she did and that he needed to come to the gates.

And this moron still didn’t catch on to the prank, even after she texted him a pic of the Queen cracking up. It wasn’t until he got in trouble with the police for parking too close to the palace that he finally accepted defeat and drove home. He texted her angry messages, asking why she would do that. One read, “You made me drive all the way to an imaginary place.”

Hopefully he’s learned his lesson about sending photos of his package to unsuspecting women. And Tara Natasha, you win for best response to stupid idiots.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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