The Most Popular Gift For Mothers Day Is…

Mother’s Day is Sunday and if you haven’t gotten your mom a gift or made any plans you certainly are running out of time, and nobody wants to leave mom high and dry on her big day.

According to the National Retail Federation, folks are expected to spend about $23.6-billion on Mother’s Day this year, which is up from $21.4-billion last year. So what will everybody be spending their dollars on?

Well, not surprising flowers continue to be the top seller for Mother’s Day, with 52% of Americans planning to get mom either flowers or a plant. As for what type of flowers mom should expect, the top choices are roses, tulips and lilies, with blue surprisingly one of the top color choices along with red and pink.

Of course, not everyone will be getting mom a gift that will die in a few days. Another 11% of people plan to get mom chocolates, while 9% will get her baked goods, fruits, nuts and specialty gifts.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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